My Review on GEMTRACKS: Selling Beats Online

As a seller on Gemtracks, I decided to write a post stating how I feel about the platform. It is currently one of the platforms that I make the most income from, and I have also used Beatstars, Airbit and TrakTrain. My opinion in this review also comes from some of my friends experiences that have used other marketplaces, such as SFRBeats and SoundClick.

First of all, all the beats on Gemtracks are priced at $149, fixed price. From time to time, if a customer uses a discount code, the price may be lower than that. But never has it been lower than $120.

Based on my time with other marketplaces, all my beats were sold for around $30. Though it may be lower than the $149 from Gemtracks, I had the belief that more people could purchase the same beat, and that I would eventually make up the amount through royalties too that the sellers are legally enforced to pay if their songs start to make money.

Despite these hopeful wishes, I would usually make around $3 a month on average in royalties. My friends were making only a few cents. In terms of actual sale, I was making less than $100 a month. So I guess the biggest advantage about Gemtracks is the faster and quicker pay. Also, customers of Gemtracks are usually prepared to pay $149, which makes them more willing to pay. Although I lose my copyright ownership, I feel it is still worth it.

Secondly, I also like it how I can easily integrate my or anyone’s beats on my own personal website through their affiliate program. This is helpful because my beats listed on Gemtracks are not always on the first page. Sometimes they could be buried on the last page where no one would ever look.

By allowing me to sell the beats on my own website, I can rest assured that if I work hard on promoting my brand, I would eventually get sales. The plugins also look very natural on my website. It doesn’t even give the impression of being a plugin. Customers can pay directly on my website without being transferred to the Gemtracks website.

The final point I would like to make about Gemtracks is that it is more than a beats marketplace. As a seller, I can also offer my music production skills, songwriting services and even list my own recording studio (if I ever get one). At the end of the day, it is a complete ecosystem for artists.

So if anyone is looking for an alternative way to sell beats, I would highly recommend Gemtracks. You can expect to earn more at a time, but only if you are willing to give away your intellectual property, which I think is worth it.

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