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Tumblr Quote

Tumblr and other personal websites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are like a private bedroom except, in these online socializing networks, you want to show it off to the world. What do you have in your room? Posters of your favorite celebrities? Singers? Actors and actresses? Maybe there are a few pictures and photos of you with some friends, hanging on the walls with markings all around them too. Having elements like these, which can also be known as decorative items, defines who you are.

Just like your bedroom, your Tumblr profile theme and layout should also include some decorative graphics. On this page, we offer you some of the best Tumblr quotes to let your visitors get a glimpse of your inner life, including your love life, school days and boys and girls issues.

With hundreds of Tumblr quote pictures and Tumblr quote photography, no matter what emotions you're feeling, or what (sub)cultures you belong to, you can be sure that you'll find something that matches your mood.

Tumblr Quotes and Sayings

Life Quotes

These Tumblr quote graphics about life are perfect if you are someone that is adventurous, optimistic or down to earth.

Get these Life Quotes now!

Anti Racism Quotes

If you believe that racism is stupid and should be stopped, these quote graphics are for you! Putting themon your Tumblr profile is a great way to spread a cause.

Get these Anti Racism Quotes now!

Bitchy Quotes

Are you a girl (or boy) with attitude? These hardcore bitchy quotes are for you! Give your profile a strong hit with quotes and sayings!

Get these Bitchy Quotes now!

Christian Quotes

Tell the world how much you love God and Jesus, and going to church with these quote graphics! They are great for Christians in the online community for a good cause.

Get these Christian Quotes now!

Confidence Quotes

Get some motivating quotes and sayings to make yourself feel more stronger! These graphics are great for anyone currently in problems and want to get themselves out.

Get these Confidence Quotes now!

Emo Quotes

A huge selection of Emo graphic quotes for your Tumblr profile and page! Find the one that matches your mood and show your visitors what you are feeling inside.

Get these Emo Quotes now!

Flirty Quotes

Feeling a bit naughty and flirty? If you are, these great flirty quotes would make a good decoration to your Tumblr profile! Make all your friends and followers hot!

Get these Flirty Quotes now!

Friendship Quotes

They say that friends are like the flowers in the gardens. If you believe this is the case, get some of our Friendship Tumblr quotes for your profile!

Get these Friendship Quotes now!

Fun Quotes

Unsure about what type of quotes or sayings to put on your profile? Browse our huge selections of random fun quotes to pimp your profile!

Get these Fun Quotes now!

Haters Quotes

Being hated won't be that bad if you use one of these Haters saying graphics! Show your friends what you believe and let them know that you won't be beaten by anything.

Get these Haters Quotes now!

Heartbreak Quotes

Just sufferred from a heart break? Are you lonely and sad that you just got dumped or someone won't admit they like you? Reveal your feelings about it with one of the these heartbreak Tumblr quotes.

Get these Heartbreak Quotes now!

Boyfriend Quotes

These Boyfriend quotes are great if you want to show all your visitors how great and beautiful your boyfriend is! All your friends will be jealous!

Get these Boyfriend Quotes now!