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15 Top Internet Marketing Gurus That Cracked the Internet

Wouldn't it be exciting to know who the top Internet marketing gurus you can learn from?

Some of these group of experts may have been bumbling idiots regarding online marketing - like some of us - when they first started.

Yet, it's never too late to learn and succeed, there's always one room for another triumphant online marketer up there.Yes, a smart Internet marketer will strive to learn from the experiences of others. You may not adapt everything that they recommend, but gleaning the essential tips from these gurus and applying them properly is enough.

Even if you have learned all the knowledge they have imparted, if you don't "DO" them. Your acquired information would be useless. The key factor is to do something about what you have learned.

You don't have to wear your eyes out searching for these Internet marketing gurus because, here's now a list that will disclose what you're interested in.

John Chow

John Chow can weave his way effortlessly amidst the intricate roads of making money online. He has written two famous books: "Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul" and "Blogging with John Chow.

The first book easily became the #1 bestseller on on its first week, while the latter was well-received too.

In his website John Chow, he dishes out posts on how to make money online, blogging, affiliate marketing, and more related topics that are essential to you as an Internet marketer.

If you want to learn his techniques you can visit his site and/or download his eBook.

Ken Envoy

Ken Envoy is an Internet marketing guru, who has made a name for himself online. He founded SiteSell, which offers Site Build It (SBI), a complete online business builder.

SBI is now making waves and gaining raving testimonials from its customers, and Ken Envoy is one ecstatic entrepreneur.

The latest develop to this fast-selling, incredible product that made Ken Envoy an Internet guru is that SBI is now available for WordPress users.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin supports the concept that marketers must be honest with their customers to promote an excellent relationship. He espoused "Permission Marketing" as an effective marketing style in his book.

His site, Seth Godin, offers a variety of materials that you would find useful, if you want to be on top of the game.

Variety of topics are featured in his pages such as, Internet marketing tips, and many essential information that you can make use of.

He has written a number of books namely: "Permission Marketing", which was named as the Best Business Book"; "Purple Cow" about top products and services; and "All Marketers Tell Stories".

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is an Internet marketing guru, who has perfected the techniques in Internet Marketing. His website Problogger has more than 300 thousand readers from all over the world.

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In his blog he talks about significant topics such as, how to increase your site traffic, tips on going viral, how to succeed in blogging and a lot more issues that you will certainly find useful.

He has also best-selling books such as, "ProBlogger - Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income" and has established, a Twitter blog.

His contribution to the blogging world has earned him the moniker "problogger."

Chris Brogan

On Chris Brogan's blog, the slogan "You can't own your business until you own your life," will greet his visitors.

His posts talked about Internet marketing and all the juicy topics that come with it. As an Internet guru, he has written several best-selling books. Some of them are: "The Impact Equation", "The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth," and many more.

He also creates videos, audiobooks, and was a keynote speaker about online business in various events in the US.

Aside from being a problogger, he is a successful Internet marketer; he constantly keeps connected with his visitors through his coaching lessons. Every week he goes online to help people grow their businesses.

You can drop by his blog and sign up for this weekly coaching sessions.

Neil Patell

Neil Patell talks about upgrading traffic and gaining more potential customers on his site, QUICKSPROUT.

He was the proponent of CrazyEgg and KissMetrics, and a constant source of valuable pointers on Internet Marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO.

Countless entrepreneurs learned from his experiences and have increased their online earnings because of his reliable pointers.

His expertise in generating traffic is one skill that you have to acquire, if you are to succeed as an online entrepreneur.

Yaro Starak

He owns Entrepreneurs Journey and Blog Mastermind.

As an Internet marketing expert, he has shared his expertise on online marketing, pod-casting, coaching, email courses, and how to make huge money from one's own business.

He was able to interview the big names in the business and has continued to earn income from his videos and posts.

He helped his proteges to make millions of dollars from their own blogs, through his Blog Mastermind program.

Chris Farrell

His site, Chris Farrell Membership, is one of the top #1 online income services. Chris Farrell is a renowned author and blogger, who provides important information on online businesses, Internet marketing and a lot more related topics.

He is a noted speaker on topics about Internet marketing and the like.

You can join his Chris Farrell Membership and be one among the many who have become triumphant in growing their businesses.

Jeremy ShoeMaker

A noted Internet marketing guru, Jeremy ShoeMaker owns ShoeMoney.

It's a site that features topics about Internet marketing, and how to finally achieve your dream of not only monetizing your blog, but also in earning huge profits from them.

His "Shoe in Money" marketing guide has earned praises from its readers, and continues to help more entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and earning good profits from them.

It's every bloggers ultimate dream, and you can do it too by learning from the legendary Internet marketing guru, Jeremy ShoeMaker.

Brian Clark

A well-renowned blogger, Brian Clark has transcended what most bloggers never imagined one could attain. His copyblogger site mushroomed into other related niches that made him millions of dollars.

He owns Copyblogger, and has propelled Premise, Scribe, StudioPress and Synthesis, which are now popular brands too.

So, if you're in search for an Internet guru who specializes in making money, Brian Clark is one guru you should not miss.

Gary Hamel

Wall Street Journal has ranked Gary Hamel as the #1 Most Influential Business Thinker for his brilliant business strategies.

He owns Gary Hamel. He has a number of noted publications and books such as, "What Matters Now", "Competing for the Future" and a lot more.

Gary Hamell spearheaded the establishment of an online community, the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX), where business leaders contribute to create organizations that can work for the future world.

He is also a resource speaker on business management.

However, he's not so much online, you'll have to read his books to learn more of his ideas.

Rich Schefren

His company, Strategic Profits, provides services for entrepreneurs to succeed in their endeavors.

On his websites, you can instantly download his "Internet Business Manifesto", which has been downloaded over a million times and has earned excellent reviews from satisfied clients.

There are different kinds of training courses you can avail of from his site. On his blog, you can also peruse all his interesting posts about how to succeed in your business, and many more highly informative topics that you ought to read.

All these information will help you tremendously in your bid for success.

Rand Fishkin

He provides significant information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing and Internet marketing techniques that can help you increase your marketing potentials.

This online expert has established SEOmoz, a company that provides services for website owners and bloggers. The amazing tool can optimize your site's SEO features and online marketing capabilities.

He's one guru worth following.

Guy Kawasaki

From his site, Guy Kawasaki, he shares his extraordinary experiences on online marketing.

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He founded various successful businesses namely: ACIUS, Fog City Software and Garage.

He is also a famous resource speaker on marketing topics, and the author of popular books such as, "APE: How to Publish a Book", "How to Drive Your Competition Crazy", "Selling the Dream", and "Enchantment".

It is said that Guy Kawasaki has a golden touch because whatever he gets involved in, it turns to gold.

Hence, get yourself some gold nuggets by using the tips from this awesome Internet marketing guru.

Brian Solis

This digital analyst has made a name for himself online with his substantial contribution to Internet marketing.

In his blog, @Brian Solis, he provides advices on digital marketing, and related topics.

He is a noted author and keynote speaker on digital marketing and transformation too.

His books, "What's the Future of Business", and "The End of Business as Usual" has been well-received.

If you want to specialize in digital marketing, Brian Solis should be one of your gurus. He's an acknowledged expert in this field.

These are all the Internet marketing gurus you must learn from if you want to succeed in your own Internet business. You must always learn from the best.

Act now and learn from their inputs, so you can optimize your online earning machine.

Do you know any other inspiring online marketers? Let us know in the comments.


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