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Premade Neopets User Lookup

Jesse Neo offers you the best Neopets user lookups in the world!
A friendly reminder to not remove the credit or else we won't be able to keep providing you with free graphics! Anyone found stealing these layouts or the codes to make their own layouts will be reported immediately!
Please respect as these Neopets layouts took a lot of hard work to make! :)

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If you have a taste for exotic things, you'll love this Shenkuu user lookup too! It is truely a masterpiece!

InuYasha is a story about a half demon half human that searches the world for a special jewel, with a girl that travelled back in time through a mystical well!

Beach Party - Sunshine
A fan of summer and the beach? Get this awesome layout and make all your friend jealous!

Baby Innocence
Wish you could be forever young? Your dream can now come true if you get this extra cute baby lookup! You'll never see anything like it again!

Cat - The Space of Silence
A more relaxing and calming user lookup for you! If you like animals and cats, this would be perfect for you!

Tokyo Mew Mew
Passions of Mew. A must-have for all Tokyo Mew Mew fans! Come get your free copy today!

Death Note
Power of Death. Smash hit anime, Death Note! We're a fan of it and if you are too, use this user lookup and tell all your friends about it too!

Moon's Curse
Tsuki no Kaasu ("Moon's Curse" in Japanese). A very fashionable anime user lookup about the curse of the moon! This is my all time favourite one!

Loveless - Ritsuka
Loveless is another awesome anime! Come get this user lookup and see how beautiful it will look on your account!

Gakuen Heaven
This is another awesome anime about a student in a boy high school. If you like it to, or think you do, come grab this layout!

This is the BEST Twilight Neopets user lookup out there! If you're a fan, you better use this layout right now!

Rozen Maiden
Like dolls? Get this user lookup now! A glorious colouring theme with eye catching aspects! All your friends will like it!

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We offer tons of premade Neopets user lookups including Under Water! Mystic Anime Girl! Twilight! Emo Girl! Naruto! Howl's Moving Castle! Anime Lovers! Disney Bolt! Ghost Busters! Criss Angel! Robert Pattinson! And more!

Thank you for using our premade Neopets User Lookups layouts! We appreciate your support!