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How-To: Upload a Video on Fiverr

Fiverr is now one of the largest online markets that offers tasks to buy or sell. It can also be one superb place for you to extend your marketing network. Hence, it's to your advantage that you should increase your popularity.

Uploading a video is one way to do this. This will help you become more popular and will tremendously increase your online network. You can then effortlessly advertise your gigs and earn more from Fiverr.

How to upload a video on Fiverr

Step #1 - Sign in to Fiverr. You don't have a Fiverr account yet, it's high time you tap this huge source of marketing network. Sign up with Fiverr! Signing up is easy and free.

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Step #2 - Go to your Seller Dashboard. You can find this easily on your user's page.

Step #3 - From the seller dashboard, click the button "Mg Gigs" to display the various gigs you have.

Step #4 - Choose the type of gig. From "My Gigs", choose the type of gig that you want your video to be uploaded to. Click this gig.

Step #5 - Then, click "Add a Video" and upload your original video. Don't use videos that are not your own, and that talks about business, marketing or other topics. It must be a personal video about yourself and what you can offer as a seller. Your video must not be more than 50 MB. Take note that the video will run only from 10 to 30 seconds. So, present only the essential things about yourself. If you want to post more videos on your other gigs, you should create a new video for each of your gigs.

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Step #6 - Wait for approval. After submitting the video, wait for Fiverr's approval. This may take a few hours or several days.

Step #7 - Preview your video. Preview your video to determine if you were able to communicate to your viewer what you have wanted to say. Be brief but comprehensive.

Tips on video posting on Fiverr

  • Follow the Terms of Service created by Fiverr.
  • Don't promote products or other services on your video
  • Always use original videos.
  • Be creative to attract more viewers.


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