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How-To: Rename a Facebook Page Album

A Facebook Fan Page album is an ideal tool in marketing your brand and broadening your online network. But sometimes the name of your album doesn't fit the niche, and it stands out like a sore thumb.

Your album is an effective and quick strategy to get your name out there, and it's a way to know how your potential customers respond to it. Hence, your album must be named appropriately.

Take note that it's part of your advertising strategy, so treat it as such; make it the best.

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It's relatively easy to rename your album with Facebook's helpful prompts. Here's how to do it.

How to rename your Facebook Fan Page's album

Step #1 - Sign in to your Facebook account. Access your "Facebook Fan Page". From your page, click "Photos".

Step #2 - Click "Albums". From your "Albums", you can view all your albums. Click the album you want to rename.

Step #3 - Click "Edit." Click "Edit" on the album you want to change. This is found at the top portion of the page.

Step #4 - Hover your cursor over the name of the album. Hovering your cursor over the previous name of the album will allow you to delete the previous name and enter a new one.

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Step #5 - Click "Done." Don't forget to click "Done" after renaming your album. This will save all the changes you've made.

Tips in renaming your album

  • Choose a short but catchy name. This will attract your followers to view it.
  • You can create as many albums as you want, but don't overdo it. A few but well-crafted albums are more effective than numerous insignificant albums.
  • Your album is you, so put your best foot forward. Present the best of your services or products.
  • Increase "Likes" and "Shares" of your Facebook Fan Page through your albums.

There you go! You're now ready to go full blast with your Fan Page. Have fun!


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