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How-To: Get Traffic from Reddit

Do you want to drive thousands of visitors to your site?

Obviously, you do.

But you may ask, "Is it (really) possible?"

Well, yes, nevertheless, it entails hard work, dedication and patience.

If you think your posts are informative and interesting enough, and that you've got what it takes to be read, then you should try Reddit.

Reddit is now the leading social bookmarking site, surpassing popular sites namely: Digg and StumbleUpon, and has now become a unique, pulsating community.

The Reddit community is governed by its own set of rules that not all social bookmarking sites have.

Certainly, you can generate humongous traffic from Reddit, IF - you'll be able to learn first the complex social rules that Redditors follow.

Below is a step by step presentation of how you can obtain traffic from Reddit.

How to Get Traffic from Reddit

Sign up for Reddit

Naturally, you have to sign up for Reddit first, before you can even think of driving traffic to your site.

It's so easy to sign-up. All you have to do is to provide a user name and a password, and you're in.

The email address is optional, but if you want a more credible account, you should provide your email. This will also facilitate any communication later on.

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Browse the site

Explore the site and read the guidelines for posting. It's crucial to remember that there are subreddits that have their own specific rules, as well.

Browse the subreddits and try commenting and sharing posts that you're truly interested in.

Share interesting posts

Before sharing anything, ascertain that the post hasn't been shared yet, and that the article is recent and not so old that it can no longer be relevant.

The link submission button is conveniently located on the upper right hand area of Reddit's home page.

First, double check that you have shared the post in its appropriate subreddit genre. If you have shared the post on a wrong subreddit, expect that it will be deleted eventually by the moderators.

What you can edit only, is the title of the post, so you must create a catchy and interesting title to attract more Redditors.

Don't get too excited and post all the links to your new articles on your website. Reddit is extremely judicious regarding spam entries.

Posting your links as soon as you become a member is considered spamming.

This will ring a warning bell on Reddit, and before you know it, you've been labeled a spammer and will be unceremoniously kicked out from the site. Spamming is not tolerated.

This is the mistake of first-time Redditors.

Instead post a link to a new, interesting article from another website. Redditors can then vote down or vote up your link.

Share these informative posts from other websites daily. Until you gain a credible number up votes.

As you get more up votes, your Reddit integrity also increases, and more users will take notice of your links.

However, if you get down votes, it will damage your reputation as a Redditor.

Your comments and shares will also earn for you karma scores.

It's recommended that you get 150 to 200 up votes first before sharing 1 link to your site. Yes, only one link, Virginia! And be sure it's a dynamite article.

Later on, you can share 1 of your posts and 5 to 10 posts from other websites daily. This is the only way that you can achieve your goal later on.

It's hard work but that is how it works. Be patient.

Post at the right time

The best time to post is when most people are online. That would be during the evenings. You can experiment to know what time catches more users.

Check if your submission is accepted

You can do this by checking "new submissions". If the link appears, then everything is on the roll. If not, then double check what you have done wrong. Perhaps, you have violated the rules of sharing in the subreddit community.

Follow other Redditors

It's a social network, so you can never succeed unless you socialize. Follow other Redditors and show that you're interested in what they share.

Be sincere, because insincerity will get you nowhere.

Comment, share and vote up posts of other Redditors, which you are genuinely interested in.

Be an active Redditor

Monitor your links and reply to comments and shares. You can also visit the links of those who commented on yours, and return the favor - sincerely.

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Be aware that Reddit has a "stealth ban" that can silently ban you from other users. Your shares will not appear to any user if you submit only your links.

Therefore, be careful not to violate the general guidelines and the guidelines of each subreddit, as well.

Get your link on Reddits front page and generate huge traffic to your site

Now, it is high time, you target your final goal - to drive huge traffic to your website.

If you have fulfilled the steps above properly, then there would be no problem in getting some of your links on the front page of Reddit.

Reddit has more than 40 BILLION views. If you can get just 1% of those views, then that's huge traffic - that would be 40,000,000 views. Can you believe that?

Hence, get your "gears" ready. Reddit, here you come.

Are you getting any traffic from Reddit? Let us know in the comments.


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