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8 Free and Paid Open Source Fiverr Clone Scripts

Fiverr is a popular micro-jobs website that has various functionalities many website owners may want to use. Its unique features can allow your website to buy or sell gigs or services.

It outsources jobs and gigs to its members, and you earn a commission for each successful transaction. Fiverr has set its price at $5, but you can decrease the price to allow your services to be competitive.

You can also focus on a particular niche such as education, health or IT. This can generate more specific tasks for your users.

Here are Fiverr clone scripts you can use


This clone script comes in a great pack that includes the full code of the clone script, AlertPay and PayPal capability, and ability to share gigs on Facebook and other social media sites.

It provides also the ability to set price modes and other Fiverr-like services. The pack costs only $149. If you're on iPhone, or iPad, then you can definitely access this app once installed.

What more, both admin and user will find it easy to manage and monitor their own pages.

Fiverr Script

It offers the design and capabilities of Fiverr that include PayPal getaway, ability to share on social media sites and on Google Plus.

Not all scripts can provide a Google Plus connectivity. So, this is a plus factor for this script.

Users can also upload photos, just like in Fiverr, which can be accessible via mobile phones, computers and tablets.

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It comes in many languages and has all vital apps you will surely need. You can purchase this excellent script for only $99.

NDOT Dollarr

This clone script that mimics that of Fiverr with features such as ability to set fixed prices on gigs; buying and selling of gigs, app that can set the commissions for each gig, and a Paypal integrated method of payment too.

Although, a version is given out for free for those who simply want to try it out first, a more expensive script at $395 is available for those who would want to turn it into a serious business.


It is user-friendly too to both admin and users, and offer a wide range of services such as, Facebook, Twitter Log ins; capacity to set minimum payment thresholds, seller and buyer payments, and other apps that you need to operate a micro-jobs website.

You can install the script yourself within minutes without the help of a support team. The price is quite affordable at $39.


Whether you're a pro or a newbie, Pricerr Fiverr clone script is good enough. You can avail of the features of a Fiverr-like website with its easy seller-buyer apps. You can easily create your website in a jiffy and start doing business. Paypal, AlertPay and Moneybookers/skrill

Like most scripts, it has Facebook and Twitter integration. The difference is that it's also supported by WordPress 4. For this Pricerr package, you have to shell out $69 only.


With this Fiverr clone script, you can easily fulfill your dreams of earning a 6-digit income every month. The app integrates payment methods, easy selling and buying of jobs, and the script is easy to install.

You'll be up and running your own microjob site, in no time at all. It's also virtually automated, so you don't have to worry about monitoring it more often. On top of that, it offers a lifetime license for only $89.


This micro-job website clone script features SEO and plug-in friendly apps. Admin and users can easily access their dashboard and sell or buy gigs. An escrow system is in place so that payments are secured.

It provides multiple payment methods too. Social media is integrated to allow users to share. Compared to other scripts FPPlatform has better additional features such as, Google map integration, multi-currency app, and cloudflare.

The price is pegged at $497. It's quite expensive compared to other clone scripts. Nonetheless, its great functionality makes up for the expensive price.


Biverr clone scripts offer easy tracking of payments (Paypal) and jobs. Admins and users can easily navigate their pages too. Sharing of tasks, jobs or gigs is available too through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

It's relatively easy to install even for newbies, and to top all these great features, it's also compatible with all browsers at $19.95.

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These are some of the Fiverr clone scripts that you can select from to start a micro-jobs website. Choose what suits you best and launch your business website now to make big money online.

Remember though to advertise fully your micro-jobs website so that it can be up and running in no time at all. If you know how to manage your site properly, with a dash of luck, you'll surely be laughing your way to the bank after several months.

Another clone script that you can take advantage of for your website is a pdf search engine clone script. Here is a list of top pdf search engine scripts

This is a vital app for your website that can allow users to search online from your site. This will make your visitors stay in your site more and can increase their time to peruse more of your site's content.

Do you know any other Fiverr clone scripts? Let us know in the comments.


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