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How to Sell Your Soul to the Devil

Many people that live lives of being rich and famous had done it. Many are following and reaching for the success and glamour too.

What is it that they are doing that’s making them so happy?

They are selling their souls to the devil!

First of all, I don’t know how to sell your soul to the devil but I guess it’s asking (or maybe praying) to Satan with a deal that he can have your soul if he offers something in return.

Most people believe this is the procedure so I’ll be using this idea to formulate a guide.

The first step is to start a connection like the way you would in a prayer to God. A simple mention of Satan’s name would be fine. Then say your bargain and what you want. Do you want fame? Do you want money? Do you want to be good looking? Whatever it is, this is the time to blurt it out and to finish, add a line that in exchange, you are willing to offer your soul to Satan and spend eternity after you die burning in hell.

To end, you are to say your name to sign off. Christian says “in Jesus name” because they believe that it is because of Jesus that the prayer is successful. If we are praying to Satan, we can’t use Jesus’s name, which only leaves the option to use your own name.

Finally, finish it.

You may be thinking that you need to say “amen” but that is a Christian word and does not have anything to do with the devil. Perhaps you can say a thank you, or maybe, a swear word.

Once the steps above have been completed, you would have sold your soul to the devil. I can’t guarantee it to be genuine, but remember, it’s all about your faith.

P.S. I would never sell my soul to the devil but it is all up to you. :)

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