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Angelica Zambrano Hoax

*Everything in this post is purely from my opinion (and should be considered for entertainment purposes only). You are in no way entitled to accept my ideas. However, please do feel free to read my word, judge it, and decide for yourself if it is worth believing.

A new Christian Ecuadorian girl has surfaced the Internet with claims that Jesus had accompanied her on a tour to hell and heaven. Her name is Angelica Zambrano. You can read her English Story here. But to all the Christians and even non-believers that have read her testimony and developed a fear due to her recount, can you be sure that everything she said is true? Or is this a classic hoax for her to get fame and money?

Here, I, Jesse Neo, have investigated this Angelica Zambrano hoax.

According to Angelica’s story, she was visited by God’s servants and even the Holy Spirit. The servants (I assume angels) said to her: “I am here to bring you a message from God… you must prepare yourself, because the Lord will show you great and mighty things which you do not know. He is going to show you Heaven and Hell because you have been asking.” This passage was claimed to be identical with Jeremiah 33:3 (or else the verse wouldn’t be mentioned).

However by searching this verse in the Bible, you’ll be amazed how some parts noted by Angelica, for instance “He is going to show you Heaven and Hell because you have been asking,” is not present in the actual verse. Could this be purposely enacted to deceive the ones weak in faith?

Angelica follows on with a description of the Holy Spirit. “He is my best friend,” she wrote. “He is Holy, He is omniscient; He is omnipresent! I could see Him, transparent and brilliant at the same time; with a brilliant countenance, I could see His smile and His loving gaze! I can hardly describe Him, because He is more beautiful than angels.” Basically, she asserts that the Holy Spirit is physical person.

Let’s look at what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 3:16-17 – This passage retells about Jesus witnessing the Holy Spirit after He was baptised. The Holy Spirit was “like a dove and lighting on Him.” In no way does it imply a physical being.

Galatians 5:22-23 – This passage lists the fruits of the Spirit. In other words, the Spirit is nothing more except a living conscious of God and part of the Trinity that moves people.

Romans 8:9 – This passage gives an insight that Christ himself, is regarded as the Holy Spirit living within a person.

Therefore, seeing the Holy Spirit as a figure is something I am wary of.

Now let’s move onto the issue of death. The testimony records Angelica was dead for 23 hours. Is it really possible that after one person dies that they will be transported to either heaven or hell?

Let’s look at what the Bible says about death.

Ecclesiastes 9:5 – This passage clearly states that the dead knows nothing.

Daniel 12:2 – This passage reveals that death is like sleeping.

Psalm 104:29 – This passage states that once a person dies, they will return to the dust of the ground.

1 Thessalonians 4:16 – This passage reveals that everyone that is dead will be raised (or awoken from their sleep) once Jesus returned.

This made me feel a bit uptight if her observant of hell is genuine. Celebrities being tortured. Children being burnt. Demons holding daily meetings and mocking the sufferers. Are they all possible?

Let’s look at what the Bible says about hell.

Daniel 12:2 – This passage explains that hell and punishment will only be sentenced to a person after they are awaken from their sleep. This relates back to the passage above about the dead being raised only when Jesus returns.

Matthew 25:41 and Revelation 20:10 – This passage describes Jesus sending a demon to hell. This reveal that demons are in hell to suffer too; not mock others and doing Michael Jackson dance moves.

Not only hell, it was also disclosed that she was in heaven too. She saw what heaven looked like. Truth? Or lies?

Let’s look at what the Bible says about heaven.

John 3:13 – This passage retells Jesus saying that no man has ascended into heaven.

After reading her story for the first time, many hysterical questions came into mind. Yes, I am known to generate many weird questions. One was if whether our physical body in the age it was in, be taken directly to hell. Or if whether, a newly made body would replace our current body, and then be taken to hell. Angelica said that she saw her cousin and many celebrities that she could recognise as if they looked the same as when they were on earth. If this was the case, does this not mean that hell would have many old people too? So old that they can’t feel pain?

Children were also mentioned being seen in hell with demons that looked like creatures in animations such as Pokemon and Ben Ten. I think this is a total nonsense. Pokemon were created by humans around the 21st Century. Hell had existed forever (or at least when it was created by God), then how can something (Pokemon) that was only created in the future be already existing in the beginning of the existence of hell?

I also think there were too many photographic evidences added to the testimony to make them seem true. An example is the photo of the dead Angelica. By remembering to the testimony correctly, she was instructed to tell the world about her observant when she came back to life. Before that, nothing that was happening was meant to be shared to the public. Then why, or how, would the photo been taken? Especially if the people around her were so in grief to even want a photo to remember.

So why did Angelica decided to release this testimony? Is it to insert terror into people for not repenting? Or perhaps hoped to get some publishing or media contracts to raise her bank balance. Maybe become famous too. I think she had already reached at least one of her goals considering there is a logo watermarked onto one of the screen caps in her testimony.

But I do want to give some credit to Angelica. I agree with her that people need to repent, change their evil ways and forgive each other. The world would be such a better place if it did.

To conclude, I would like to give you the title of two books: Divine Revelation Of Hell and Divine Revelation Of Heaven by Mary Baxter. Read it and see how closely Angelica Zambrano’s story resembles it.

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